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TTI was created as a result of more than 17 years of investigation and work in Human Development and Leadership with individuals and groups.
It is made up of a professional team who share human aspirations, work experience and commitment and its aim is to be an effective tool for the development of the Conscious Company.

Rosana Agudo
Worldwide re-known research worker and expert in cultural disciplines and traditions related to human being’s inner development. Specialist in training techniques and improving human potential. Founder of the Lur Gozoa Cultural Platform. Co-founder of the Association for Woman’s Leadership MIRRA. Founder of the Active Meditation School.

Adela Innerárity
Bachelor degree in Biology. Teaching professional. President and co-founder of the Association for Woman’s Leadership MIRRA. Advanced training in pedagogy, ethic and human potential development.

Iratxe Acha
Bachelor of Business Administration. Business consultant and Tutor of creation of business projects. Advanced training in human potential development.

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