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“Showing the ‘link’ between emotions and mind and how they interact is indispensable to know how the human being works”.

In the constant challenge to go beyond the known the human being’s evolutionary nature has established an alliance between emotions and intelligent thinking. The emotional world serves the mind and mind serves emotions.It is necessary to identify that “link” between emotions and mind, not to strengthen it (just learning to work on it only), but for go out of it and find new spaces of freedom to work in.If it is only to adjust the emotional world to the mind-set, the results are ephemeral because they depend on the model and its changing characteristics, like the business culture, the social culture, etc.TTI undertakes the EI taking into account the link between the emotional world and the mental model. It shows the effort of adjusting ourselves to this link’s demands. We also help people to work in it, to get out of it and to find spaces where evolution and accepting new and singular models are possible.QUESTIONING on the model and not only ADAPTING oneself to it is the basis of TTI’s work.

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