Value proposal

Value proposal

TTI suggests a model of company that widens the Vision ability.

It leans in four principles:

1.To align personal and business aspirations
The progress of the company depends on the level of involvement of the individuals to the business project and their aspirations and the company's alignment.

2.To create a transforming Vision
Only a really transforming Vision can involve individual and collective wills.

3. To go far beyond "what I think that it is
The transformation to the state where individual and collective wills meet is only possible by going forward the mind-set

4.To discover the Inner Dimension
To go beyond the mind-set at the Company, it is necessary to work where it is: inside the people who compose the Organization.

The company creates wealth and social progressthe company needs and can go far beyond the current model, rise its vision and be an engine for collective progress.The company develops human potentialThe company, to change and make progress, needs people’s transformation and evolution, and they need to the company to be the optimum workshop to develop their potential.

This new Company model is “THE CONSCIOUS COMPANY”

“We understand the Conscious Company as the place where human’s deepest aspirations and know how evolve and grow up with the ones of the Company and society and create wealth”

“Consciousness is the energy that drives the evolution”

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